CFS INC. Retrofit Design

CFS, Incorporated has specialized in custom retro-fit applications since our inception in 1979.

Induction Lighting is one of the most energy efficient, high quality light sources available today. This is why we choose to offer custom retro-fit kits utilizing this technology in the majority of our custom products. As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for many Induction Light suppliers, CFS Inc. works closely with various engineers and support staff to ensure that our products will meet and exceed our customers expectations. Also as a VAR we are very proud to offer a full 5 year warranty on every Induction product we sell.

Our dedicated team of engineers and designers have a proven track record of excellence in design. With many thousands of custom retro-fit kits in the field for as long as 7 years and not a single report of a field failure. From small jobs of just a few units to large jobs that require thousands of units, our team designs custom kits for your existing fixtures that will always:

• Meet local and national codes- Our 25 years plus experience in the field is represented in each custom design.

• Meet the manufacturers specification- CFS, Inc. designs are fully tested to meet the requirements of our suppliers before it is released.

• Meet the lighting requirements of the user- Many retro-fit manufacturers are focused on the energy savings only. CFS Inc. and it’s team of optical engineers design our custom retro-fit kits to match the optics and other lighting requirements for each job.

• Save time and money- With a 100,000 hour life and a very high efficacy Induction retro-fits by CFS Inc. saves maintenance fees and energy dollars.

• Install easily and quickly – Many custom retro-fit kits can be complicated and difficult to install on site. CFS Inc. specializes in easy to install kits that generally require only simple tools and a few minutes to install.

What you need to know:
    • WHY: Often customers will deem it to their advantage to retrofit existing HID fixtures to Induction Lighting technology. One of the most common reasons for this customer preference is the financial advantage, since a typical Retrofit kit has an initial cost that is somewhat less than the initial cost of a “Factory New” complete fixture.
    • WHAT: The CFS Inc. designed Retrofit Kit for a fixture consists of the Induction Lighting System, which is a light vessel (lamp), power coupler, and a HF Generator. Additionally the CFS Inc. retrofit kit contains appropriate reflectors, brackets, screws, mounting hardware, etc.
    • Each type of Retrofit Kit is specifically designed and assembled for a specific fixture type that is supplied by the end user customer. CFS Retrofit Kits are designed to be field installed by the customer and are shipped complete in “Kit Packaging” rather than bulk.
    • HOW: The customer furnishes a fixture to CFS Inc. which is used for the design, luminance testing, physical testing, and data source. This fixture usually arrives at CFS Inc. with a customer P.O. authorization for two each of that particular Retrofit Kit.
    • When CFS Inc. has completed design, fabrication, and certification of the Retrofit Kit, a CFS Inc. part number is created and assigned to that particular Retrofit Kit.
    • CFS Inc. then returns the customer fixture to the customer with the initial kit installed. A second Retrofit Kit is also shipped to the customer accompanied by Field Installation instructions.
  • TIMING: Normal time at CFS Inc. for the Retrofit Kit development process is around six weeks.
  • Quantity shipments of production Retrofit Kits can normally be expected to begin within 30 days ARO of the customer order of quantities of that particular Retrofit Kit.

Here is a small example of some of the fixtures we retrofitted with Induction Lighting

400w MH- 200w Induction 150w MH- 70w Induction 150w MH- 70w Induction 150w MH- 70w Induction 150w MH- 40w Induction
150w MH- 70w Induction 400w MH- 200w Induction 100w MV- 40w Induction 100w MH- 40w Induction 150w HPS- 40w Induction
150w MH- 40w Induction 150w MH- 70w Induction 400w HPS- 150w Induction 100w- 40w Induction 400w MH- 150w Induction