The Induction Lighting System
The Evolution of Lighting

Induction lighting makes use of a technology which is fundamentally different from the of incandescent lamps or today’s
conventional gas discharge lamps. Instead of the glowing filaments of incandescent lamps or the electrodes used in conventional
gas discharge lamps, light generation is by means of induction (the transmission of energy via a magnetic field) combined with a
gas discharge. Combining the basic principles of induction and gas discharge, this revolutionary concept in light generation offers
benefits never before possible.

*The lamp (A) is a closed glass bulb containing a low pressure inert gas filling with a small amount of mercury vapor. The walls
of lamp are coated on the inside with a fluorescent powder. At present, the colors 3000K, 4000K, 5000K are available. The bulb
is fixed to the power coupler by the plastic lamp cap with a click system. These two components normally never need to be
disassembled, due to the ultra-long lifetime of the system.

*The power coupler (B) transfers energy from the HF generator (C) to the discharge inside the glass bulb, using the antenna
that comprises the primary induction coil and its ferrite core.

Other parts of the power coupler are a plastic support for the antenna, a 40cm coaxial connecting cable (D) carrying current
from the HF generator, and a heat conducting rod with mounting flange. The mounting flange allows the QL lamp system to be
mechanically attached to the luminaire, and removes waste heat to a heat sink which forms part of the luminaire.

*The HF generator produces the 2.65 MHz altering current supply to the antenna.


No electrodes or filaments
• 100,000 hrs rated average life.
• Low lumen depreciation of <30%  @ 60,000 hours.
• Low operating temperature of components.
High-frequency operation
• High system efficacy(65-70lm/W)
• No flickering
• No stroboscopic effect
• No noise
Electronic control
• Output-protected HF generator
Instant (re-)start
• Light available instantly when needed
• Short ignition time <0.5sec
3-line fluorescent coating
• Choice of color temperature
• White light
• Excellent color rendition (CRI 85)
• No color deviation
• High reliability and virtually maintenance-free operation.
• Lasting light output right through life time.
• Increased safety, more standard luminaire construction.
• Economic, environment-friendly lighting in situations with long burning hours.
• Restful non-fatiguing light.
• No danger with rotating machinery.
• Non-disturbing in operations.
• Automatic switch-off in case of lamp or power coupler failure.
• Generator resets 15-30 seconds after switch off.
• Suitable for security and safety lighting.
• More comfort.
• Useful light immediately after switch-on.
• Installation can be matched to lighting situations and requirements.
• Uniform predictable lighting results throughout larger installations; color. maintained through life.