Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of a CFS Induction Lighting system?

A: The major advantages of induction lighting are:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective

Q: Do I need to remove the old existing ballast?
A: Only if an old fixture is being retrofitted with new Induction technology.

Q: Can an Induction Lamp be used in an open face fixture?
A: Yes. However, the ballast and lamp can NOT be exposed to the elements. Moisture, water, snow, ice etc. will damage the ballast and/or lamp.

Q: Will an Induction Lamp work with a photo cell, time clock or relay control?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Induction Lamps instant on and is the hot re-strike instant?
A: Yes. The lamp turns on instantly and produces between 75% and 80% of full output immediately. The lights take between 90 and 180 seconds to reach 100% of light output depending on the model of the lamp. The warm-up cycle is barely noticeable to the eye. If the lamps are turned off and then immediately turned back on the benefit of the Induction Lamp turns them back on immediately when the power is restored.

Q: Does the lamp orientation or vibration affect Induction Lighting?
A: Induction Lighting is not affected by the operating position. Vibrations do not affect the induction lamps as they have no electrodes or filaments. Induction Lighting has been utilized on bridges and tunnels where vibration is present.

Q: Will Induction Lighting interfere with electronic devices or communications equipment or produce RFI?
A: Induction Lighting will not interfere with electronic devices or communications equipment. CFS Inc. has Induction Lighting fixtures installed at air ports next to and in the control tower with no reports of interference.

Q: What voltage do Induction Lamps come in?
A: Typically Induction lamps are available in 120 Volt, 208 – 240 Volt and 277 Volt. However, custom voltages may be ordered in 408 Volt using a step down transformer.

Q: Are Induction Lamps available in Multi-Tap?
A: Yes. Most of our generators are 120~277 Volt.

Q: What wattages are available with Induction Lamps?
A: Induction Lamps are available in the following wattages: 40/ 55/ 70/ 80/ 85/ 100/ 120/ 150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 400 Watts.  Lower wattages are available on certain fixtures.

Q: What are the Color or Kelvin Temperatures available with Induction Lighting?
A: 5000K. (2700K, 3500K, 4000K, and 6500K are available upon request.)

Q: What are the life hours of Induction Lamps?
A: Our Induction Lamps and Generators are rated at 100,000 hours.

Q: Can induction lighting save you money?
A: By using half or less wattage than traditional lighting options, longer life and being  maintenance free, induction lighting can save you money.

Installation & MaintenanceInduction Lighting technology is easily adaptable into current environments by taking advantage of existing mounting points, wiring and infrastructure.

  • All outdoor fixtures are water and weather tight.
  • Fixtures are easily installed on existing mounting – hook, surface, pole, etc.
  • NO maintenance/NO bulb changing – entire fixture including lamp/ballast are designed to last 100,000 hours.
  • NO degradation of lighting system due to constant on/off operation – perfect for use with occupancy sensors. Other systems can take up to 8-12 minutes to turn on completely and frequent on/off operations will damage other lighting systems.
  • Minimal damage by vibration – perfect for parking garages, highways and city streets where vibration often damages the ballasts and filaments in traditional lighting systems.
  • Lightweight for ease of installation compared to other lighting systems, especially;
    • Where access to fixtures is difficult, inconvenient, or dangerous, such as street lights, tunnels, and 24-hour facilities with high ceilings.
    • In applications with high ceilings requiring high-color rendering and maintained lumen levels.
    • In applications requiring instant start-up capability.